Shalom Aleichem! Vos machst du? Dos iz Das Yiddisheh Heym Zeitl, Fun David Nurenberg!

Or, auf English...

Greetings! How are you? This is The Yiddish Home - Page, By David Nurenberg!

This page is devoted to any and all things Yiddish. Don't worry, though; most of the page is in English! Yiddish is the traditional vokedicha, or "every-day" language of Ashkenazic (Eastern-European) Jews. While Hebrew i s used in prayer, Yiddish is mamaloshen, or "mothertongue," spoken for all other occasions. While few modern American Jews speak Yiddish, most of their parents and grandparents probably did...and a significant minority of U.S. Jews still speak Yid dish today. Yiddish-isms like "kvetch" and "oy vey" have even worked their way into mainstream culture!

Contrary to popular belief, YIDDISH IS NOT DEAD. A wealth of Yiddish literature and culture awaits those willing to rediscover this not-quite-lost world.

Nu, won't you come along and take a look for yourself?

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